Luxury Sunglasses Worth Buying

Shari Dionne is a Los Angeles-based brand that currently offers premium shades as well as optical collections for both male and female lovers of luxury eyewear.

Over the years, eyeglasses have evolved from being purely functional tools to also becoming fashionable accessories that characterize taste.

And for Shari Dionne, being a luxury eyewear brand presents the opportunity to cultivate powerful fashion statements and encourage individuality. The brand which remains committed to excellence and quality offers its impressive line of eyewear as means through which people can incorporate art into their everyday style.

The luxury brand creates eyewear that caters to a broad spectrum of people and reflects the culturally diverse universe we’ve come to appreciate as home.

Founded by Shari Dionne and Will Nickens Jr., MBA, Shari Dionne pieces implore everyone to follow their passion, promising that success would follow in return.

From Anti Blue light glasses to UV400 lenses, Polarized lenses, optical lenses, and also their newly launched ICY collection, every piece by Shari Dionne invites people to look further into the future. Visit to buy luxury sunglasses that complement your style.

“Excellence and quality are what we strive for and it shows in our packaging. We are meticulous and calculated in making sure we go above and beyond so that you get an experience when unboxing our products. All our products have our trademarked signature wing logo. If it doesn’t have the wing it ain’t the real thing!”


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