6 Products You Need in Your Bag This Fall

As our schedules fill up with long awaited fall plans, Moisturized Chaos has your fall looks sorted for you. From Pumpkin Puke to Bonfire Liquid Lipstick, you’ll feel like a walking pumpkin spiced latte.

Moisturized Chaos is a unique online skincare boutique that embraces the chaos of everyday life. Their no-nonsense approach to life is reflected in their affordable and all natural products. Formulated using sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients, their products are perfect for hectic lives that want to make a statement.

Their new autumn range includes the ‘Liquid Lipstick’ bundle. This high-shine lipgloss delivers a beautiful sheen via a transparent coat for an extremely long-lasting shine. It has a slightly tacky texture to give your lips an extreme shine with a stay-put application that is paraben-free and infused with vitamin E for lip puckering perfection.

They’re the perfect product for the pumpkin patch, that Halloween party, the Harvest festival at school, or the weekly food shop.

Colors include, ‘Purple Haze’, ‘Pumpkin Puke’, ‘Bonfire’ and ‘Candy Corn H**’.

Pair your bold lip with one of their new eyeshadows. The Dark Mocha eye shadow is perfect for all eye colors. With a silky, creamy texture formulated for maximum color impact. It’s buildable, blends effortlessly, and provides a soft natural look.

To complete the look, try the ’Black Like My Soul’ mascara that gives the perfect bold eye for those wanting effortless chic.

Founder and CEO of Moisturized Chaos, Rosie Melluzzo, commented, “Moisturized Chaos is a unique online skincare boutique that embraces the beauty of chaos. We believe in hastily packed lunch bags, running out the door with a cold cup of coffee, attempting to brush your hair in between work and soccer practice and embracing a world where simply showing up and doing your best is applauded.

“Moisturized Chaos helps embrace the crazy and makes beauty effortless and affordable - the way it should be.”

Visit moisturizedchaos.com/ today for your go to fall makeup palette.

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